Tuesday, September 30

Jo & Nick's Wedding

On 6th September Jo & Nick got married at Alexander House in West Sussex. It is an amazing location but unfortunately it ended up being an incredibly wet & rainy day. I mentioned in an earlier post that it was a "surprise" wedding. Jo had a significant birthday a few days before and the family had been asked to attend a birthday lunch, but in actual fact they were going to be attending a very intimate wedding instead. At one point only the hotel and ourselves knew this was happening, apart from the couple themselves. We had, of course, been sworn to secrecy. We had such a brilliant time with this couple during their e-session that we just knew it was going to be such a fun day. They ended up telling their parents beforehand but all the other guests were totally surprised. Jo & Nick looked so happy on the day and it was a pleasure to be able to have some part in this special day. Here are just a few of the images. All comments welcomed.

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