Saturday, December 20

Happy Christmas

We wish all our friends, family, clients & colleagues a

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
a prosperous 2009

image by Iain, taken during the snow in April

Family Photo Shoot

On Wednesday evening we went round to do a family photo shoot for Nadine at her parents home. They have a photograph of the children on the wall that was taken when they were all very small and she thought it was probably about time it was updated. Everyone was quite nervous to begin with but after a little while they really got into it and it was great fun - for us at least! I love doing photo shoots at someone's house, rather than a studio, because they are just so much more relaxed and natural.

These are some of my favourites from the day. We will be editing out some of the backgrounds before they go up on our online gallery, but I wanted to post these here before we go off to Scotland for our Christmas break.

BNI Christmas Party

We attended the BNI Christmas party last weekend and took along the camera (of course). It was really nice to attend this event because as self-employed business people we would probably not have had a Christmas do otherwise. It was a really nice dinner held at Sweetwoods Golf Course. Some of the other members went along earlier in the day and also played a round of golf, but we passed on that as neither of us play golf. It was a great opportunity to get to know some of the people we see on a weekly basis on a more personal level and big thanks to Nadine for all her efforts in sorting it out.

Wednesday, December 10

Our quickest turnaround yet!

We had an enquiry for a baby photo shoot at the beginning of the week and they wanted the images in time for Christmas. It turned out the Dad could be off work on Wednesday. I normally go up to London on a Wednesday to visit my uncle in hospital, but we worked out we could just about manage it. Iain came with me and then immediately after the photo shoot he drove home and processed the images while I went up to London. He put them into the online gallery at around 3.30 p.m. so that we could put the order through before the Lab's Christmas cut-off date (tomorrow).

He is a really lovely little baby and it was so worth making that special effort. He is just gorgeous! Get in touch with me if you want your own baby photo shoot as we still have some dates available in January & February.

Tuesday, December 9

Loving those Babies...

November & December really has been all about the babies. I have really enjoyed going out to take photographs of babies from 3 weeks up to 11 weeks old. And what is great about babies is that they are all so different. A few weeks ago I had a baby where it was impossible to get a sleeping shot because he was so wide awake and then yesterday the baby I was shooting just couldn't stay awake! His Mum asked if she should try and wake him up, but having had babies myself I just couldn't consider doing that. It is just wrong!! So we ended up with really lovely "quiet" shots. Another great thing about the baby sessions is that I will do 3 shoots in the first year so it will be fantastic to watch them grow during that period. I can't wait to do the next batch in about 3 months time. In the meantime, I have another 11 week old baby to photograph tomorrow...

If you know someone who has recently had a baby, and they live in the Sussex/Surrey/Kent area, ask them to get in touch with me if they would like to organise a baby photo shoot. It is definitely worth preserving those memories as they grow up so quickly!

Email: Phone: 07595 044252

A very cute 2 year old

This week we went down to Brighton to do a portrait session with a very cute 2 year old (and her Mum & Dad). It seems that most of the babies & toddlers I have shot recently have all had a runny nose - and this one was no exception. I also found out that asking her to lie down was not a good idea because she thought she was going to bed. I will remember that for our next session! However, inbetween wiping her nose and a few tears we managing to get some great images. I've also included a few of her Mum & Dad as they were a big part of the day.