Saturday, May 30

Gorgeous Make Up by Siobhan Woods

If you have read my 3 previous posts you will know that I did a photo shoot this week for a new make up artisit called Siobhan Woods. I started thinking about what I could do with the images that would really show off the amazing job that Siobhan did. So I have been playing with s0me layouts today that could easily be turned into postcards or postcard sized flyers. They were a bit time consuming to set up the first time but as I'm planning to do more teenage photo shoots soon I think I may create some templates that could be re-used.

I'd love to receive any feedback on them :)

Friday, May 29

Tash's Photo Shoot

This the last of the three models from the make up photo shoot on Wednesday. I have done a couple of photo shoots with Tash before with some amazing results so I was really excited about using her on this project. I thought she was absolutely brilliant and we had so many good shots to choose from. She has a great personality and is very versatile which is great from a photographer's points of view. Here is a small selection from the day. I'd love to receive any feedback.

If you would like to contact Siobhan (the make up artisit) regarding make up for your wedding or photo shoot please call her on 07999 411 274. I will be doing a separate post soon that will really feature the make up session, but I have to go now as we have a wedding to shoot today:)

Thursday, May 28

Lauren's Photo Shoot

This is the second post from our model photo shoot and features Lauren. I did a photo shoot with Lauren last year and got some really fantastic images. I have been wanting to do another shoot with Lauren since then so this was a perfect opportunity. She has a really individual look and you often hear about people who have their own sense of style - well that really is the case with Lauren. These are the first few images of Lauren, but I will find a few more that show off the make up and post them later on. I'd love to receive any feedback :)

Details of Siobhan, the make up artist, are in the post below.

Model Session with new Make Up Artist

At a recent wedding event I met a make up artist called Siobhan Woods. She was quite keen to expand her portfolio so we discussed the idea of doing a photo shoot together. We finally managed to get everyone together this week and had a fantastic session. The only downside was that it rained all day so we didn't manage to do any shots outside.

We had three models and Siobhan did two "looks" for each person. The first look was very natural and the second one a bit more dramatic. We used a simple white backdrop for the first session and then something a bit more luxurious for the second one. It was a bit like a production line for Siobhan and she coped really well.

Below are the shots from the two sessions with Becky. I have worked with Becky before and, once again, she was fantastic. I will do a separate post for the sessions with Tash and Lauren. Thanks to all the models. We couldn't have done it without you!

If you would like to contact Siobhan regarding make up for your wedding or photo shoot please call her on 07999 411 274.

Thursday, May 21

Book a Portrait Session & help Cancer Research

On 28th June I will be taking part in Race for Life at Ardingly in Sussex. I was motivated to take part in this amazing event due to the fact that my wonderful father died from Cancer on 9th January 2006. He was only 65 years old. He was a truly amazing person and made a huge impact on my life.

Cancer is a disease that can strike anyone at any stage of their life and it is a truly horrible disease. All sponsorship raised from Race for Life will go to Cancer Research which is a really worthwhile charity. As a business we will be supporting Cancer Research in various initiatives during the following year. During May & June we will be donating £10 from the session fee for any portrait session to my sponsorship for Race for Life. A portrait session costs £80 and from that you will receive an 8" x 12" print, ideal for framing. Below are some images of my Dad (and Mum) and you can see how much he loved life:)

Please scroll down to see some more details on this offer.

If you have been thinking about having a portrait session, whether it is to mark a particular time in your family's life, or just for fun, now is the time to book that session. Not only will you have some amazing images but you will also be helping to raise money for a worthwhile charity.

To book a session call Louise on 07595 044252. Below are some images from some previous sessions:

Tuesday, May 5

Birthday Party for a 5 Year Old

We went to a birthday party on Bank Holiday Monday for a very cute 5 year old - and 30 of his friends! When we left East Grinstead the sun was shining but by the time we arrived in Oxted the clouds had gathered and it was raining very lightly. Fortunately a marquee was in the garden so at least all the children were kept dry. Entertainment had been laid on and the children were completely engrossed and clearly enjoying it. We managed to get some really nice candid shots of the children and although this is not our normal type of booking we really enjoyed it. Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy!

Here are some of my favourites from the day. I would love to receive any feedback you have.

Monday, May 4

Evening ball

On Saturday evening, we returned to the hotel where the garden party had taken place, this time to cover an evening's dinner and entertainment. The guests were greeted with a champagne reception, then during dinner were entertained by the Rat Attack singers and a bevy of gorgeous dancers. Menwhile, outside, the scene of that afternoon's garden party was an oasis of calm.

Sunday, May 3

Garden Party

On Saturday, we covered a garden party for the owner of a local hotel. Given that it was a Bank Holiday weekend, you could be excused for thinking that umbrellas were required... well in this case it was merely to keep the sun off. The weather was great, the food looked superb and the entertainment laid on for the guests ranged from Jugglers to a string quartet. The setting was idyllic although parked out front were reminders of a much noisier pastime including a Ferrari 430 currently racing in the British GT Championship.