Thursday, June 25

Prom Night for Sackville School, East Grinstead

On 23rd June Sackville School in East Grinstead held their Prom for the Year 11 students. Our daughter is at Sackville and some of her friends came to us for a photo session before the Prom started. We were only given 45 minutes to get all the shots that we wanted and it was a bit of a production line, but we had great fun. All the girls looked stunning and it was hard to believe they are only 16 years old! It is an end of an era because Faith has now left Sackville and will be going to Haywards Heath College from September onwards.

It was so difficult to choose some images for the Blog as I wanted to put them all up, but I managed to restrain myself. Here is a very small selection of them and I would welcome any feedback or comments.

Tuesday, June 23

Baby Photo Shoot - 9 month old

I did a photo session yesterday with Alfie who is an incredibly cute 9 month old baby. I did his first session when he was only about 3 weeks old and he has changed such a lot in that time. He now looks like a little boy rather than a baby. I was amazed at how tolerant he was as the shoot took about two hours and he was still really happy at the end. In fact, I think he saved his best smiles for the time after I had packed my cameras away! These are some of my favourites from the day and I would love to receive any feedback or comments.

The photo shoot took place at Ray Lodge Farm and I want to thank Sheila for letting us use her wonderful surroundings.

Monday, June 22

Orpheus Centre Open Day

On Saturday 20th June we went to the Open Day for the Orpheus Centre based in Godstone in Surrey. The centre was founded by Richard Stilgoe and supports young adults with special needs through the use of music and drama. It was a great day and there were several performances by the Apprentices who reside at the centre. There were also some workshops taking place that visitors could take part in and they were really well attended. It really is a very special place and the Open Day was a great success. These are some of our favourite images from the day, Organising the group shot of all the people involved with the Orpheus Centre was a real challenge! I'd love to receive any feedback or comments.

Monday, June 8

Random Act of Kindness - Free Wedding Photography

We believe that every couple deserve the very best wedding photography. Unfortunately, sometimes the budget won’t stretch far enough, especially in the current economic climate.
We would like to offer one lucky couple the chance to win their wedding photography free of charge.

The rules:

The wedding must be taking place in 2009 and on a day when we are not already booked. ( We will let you know when we receive your application if that date has already been booked.)

The wedding can take place anywhere within approximately one hour’s drive from East Grinstead. (That would take in locations as far away as Brighton, Guildford, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells…)

You must not have already booked a photographer for your wedding day

You must allow us complete freedom in how we photograph your wedding day and allow the images to be used in all forms of advertising for Pure View Photography

How to apply:

Send us your story by email to, with the email subject “Why we should have Pure View Photography at our wedding”.

As well as telling us why you should win, we need to know the following details:

o Your name
o Your address
o Your contact phone number
o Your email address
o The date of the wedding
o The wedding venue
o The reception venue

What the winner will receive:
- Coverage of your wedding by two photographers for up to 8 hours
- A box set of 20 selected, retouched images from the day
- An on line proof gallery where additional prints can be purchased

Who else benefits?
10% of the proceeds from any images sold via the online gallery will be donated to Cancer Research UK. This means that at least £1 from every image bought by you, your friends and family from the online gallery will directly benefit Cancer Research UK.

Please feel free to let people know about this very special offer. We are looking for a couple with a very special story. If you think this is not for you but you'd like to discuss your wedding with us please call me on 07595 044252 or send an email to