Thursday, June 25

Prom Night for Sackville School, East Grinstead

On 23rd June Sackville School in East Grinstead held their Prom for the Year 11 students. Our daughter is at Sackville and some of her friends came to us for a photo session before the Prom started. We were only given 45 minutes to get all the shots that we wanted and it was a bit of a production line, but we had great fun. All the girls looked stunning and it was hard to believe they are only 16 years old! It is an end of an era because Faith has now left Sackville and will be going to Haywards Heath College from September onwards.

It was so difficult to choose some images for the Blog as I wanted to put them all up, but I managed to restrain myself. Here is a very small selection of them and I would welcome any feedback or comments.

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