Monday, June 22

Orpheus Centre Open Day

On Saturday 20th June we went to the Open Day for the Orpheus Centre based in Godstone in Surrey. The centre was founded by Richard Stilgoe and supports young adults with special needs through the use of music and drama. It was a great day and there were several performances by the Apprentices who reside at the centre. There were also some workshops taking place that visitors could take part in and they were really well attended. It really is a very special place and the Open Day was a great success. These are some of our favourite images from the day, Organising the group shot of all the people involved with the Orpheus Centre was a real challenge! I'd love to receive any feedback or comments.

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Valerie said...

I was interested in your pictures having recently seen some of the apprentices performing at the Women's Institute National AGM at the Albert Hall. The individual and collective performances were amazing, amusing and moving. The WI gave a standing ovation which the Apprentices honoured the very next morning on their website.