Friday, October 24

Wedding Fair - 19 October

In March this year we exhibited at a Wedding Fair at the Felbridge Hotel & Spa in East Grinstead. It was extremely quiet and as far as I could tell not much business was carried out by anyone. We had signed up for both the Spring & Autumn events and did not have high expectations but as we had already paid to attend we decided to go along anyway.

The Wedding Fair took place on Sunday 19th October and it was a lovely day outside. The attendance this time was so much better. We had a sample album on the stand but we also had a laptop showing other album layouts. In addition to this we had a large screen TV with a slideshow on loop showing images from recent weddings. This certainly caught a lot of Groom's attention - boys & their toys! We displayed large images from some recent weddings on a stand and received a lot of positive feedback on these. We came home with enquiry forms from over 20 couples and we have already sent out follow up emails. It is difficult to know, at this point, exactly how many bookings will be made as a result of attending the Wedding Fair but we certainly felt it was worthwhile going to this one. We also managed to network with other exhibitors and were pleased to see that, once again, we were positioned next to the Chocolate Fountain stand. Result!

The images below were taken before the visitors to the Fair had arrived. Later on there was an exhibitor positioned just in front of us who was displaying wedding gowns & morning suits. The gowns were really gorgeous so we had something pretty to look at during the few "quiet" moments.

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