Thursday, October 8

Baby Photo Shoot - East Grinstead

Yesterday I had a photo shoot with the most adorable little girl. Her Mum, Sharon, is one of the people who run Flowerbug Designs in East Grinstead. Their workshop is just a few doors away from us and we refer business to each other where possible. They will also quite often pop round to our studio for a chat and a cup of coffee - and sometimes even cake!

I had been asked if we would be willing to give a portrait shoot as a competition prize by a publication and they needed a sample image to create a poster. As the session would be against a white backdrop we very quickly needed to create one. Sharon's little girl has been round to our studio a few times and she is just gorgeous. I have been really keen to do a session with her for ages. We spent about half an hour today and managed to get some really cute pictures. In fact, I think Sharon loved all of them. Here are some of my favourites. Any feedback or comments are welcome.

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