Monday, November 17

Kyle and Emma - blogged by Iain

On Saturday, I had an opportunity to shoot my nephew Kyle and his partner Emma. We visited a few of our regular locations - simply because they are on the doorstep. When I say doorstep, that's not an exageration... we went into the woods behind the house and then into the back garden! At this time of year, we were looking to get some of those wonderful Autumn colours. Kyle and I both like black and white images, so having captured some of those wonderful Autumn colours, I promptly got rid of them. Let me know what you think... keep the colour or go "arty"?

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Norma said...

Hi Louise,

I have just seen the photos you posted. My darling son did not even tell me you had a photo shoot. I love the photos. Arty is good but I like the colours. They are lovely photos. Well done. This is the first time I havae had time to look at your different albums and I think you are doing a fantastic job.
LOL Norma
PS Hope I can get copies of the photos