Friday, January 2

Boxing Day 2008

We stayed over at my sister's house on Christmas Day and also spent Boxing Day with her. We had a really lazy day chilling out and it was just lovely. In the evening my cousin, Jax, came to visit and we played some games including a quiz. True to form I was a bad a loser - at least I'm honest and I'm sure it will be no different next year! I managed to persuade Jan and Jax to have a little mini-portraits session which was quite an achievement seeing as neither of them like to have photos taken. They were both pleased with the results afterwards and Jax is convinced that she is only photogenic when I take her picutre! Jan also has a dog called Fitz. I am not really a "dog" person as I am actually quite scared of them. However, I think Fitz is starting to win me over. He looks really fierce but is actually quite a softie. Here are some of the pictures from the day. I couldn't resist adding a few of the decorations. Hope you like them...

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