Sunday, March 1

Felbridge Hotel Masked Ball, East Grinstead

We were the official photographers at a Masked Ball at the Felbridge Hotel & Spa on Saturday 28th February. This was a great event and very well attended. We took some "posed" photos in the reception area where everyone was having cocktails. Iain was shooting with the 5D MKII tethered and it worked really well. We had an event printer with us and were able to print on site. These are some of the images from the posed shots.

After the photographs had been taken evenone moved into the room where dinner was being served. During this period we processed the images in Lightroom and were therefore ready to start taking orders once dinner was finished.

This was also an opportunity to try out the 5D MKII and see what it is capable of. This is a shot that was taken by Iain at ISO 6400 f2.8 without flash. It is far from being perfect but I think it conveys the atmosphere of the room very well. The shot taken after this one was taken with the 5D using flash and gives a totally different result.

After dinner I walked around the room and took some shots at the tables. We didn't sell these on the night but they will be available to view on our online gallery from Monday onwards.

There were two different groups providing music for the evening. The first was from ‘Asteria’, an Electric Quartet who have just returned from their European Tour with ‘Take That’ and they were following by the live sounds of ‘The Blue Groove’. I thought they were both excellent and I am sure they were appreciated by the guests who attended the event.

Throughout the evening we were taking orders for prints and we delivered them towards the end of the evening. We left the event at around 1.00 a.m. and the dancing was still going strong. I think that Nigel Humphriss who promoted the event did a fantastic job and we hope to be able to work with him again in the future.


Blogmaster said...

Some good photos there. Are they all exactly as taken on the night or have they been enhanced after the event?

Pure View Photography said...

Thank you for your comment. There has been some cropping and some of the levels have been adjusted.