Tuesday, April 7

A Place in the Sun Exhibition

On Friday, we went to the "A Place in the Sun Live" [Channel 4 - A Place in the Sun]exhibition at Earl's Court as the official show photographers. It was a long day and I was on my feet from 08h00 to 18h30. when you do that, you then realise just how heavy the Canon 70-200mm L IS USM lens is.

We pretty much covered everything in the brief, as well as shooting almost every stand. It was interesting to see how much effort some exhibitors put in, while others merely occupied a bit of space and hoped people would stop and talk to them.

I've spent the last day or two weeding out the photos and colour correcting the remainder. The lighting in Earl's Court is very yellow and to make matters worse, there were orange carpets almost everywhere. Although your eyes compensate for this, the camera isn't quite so clever, so there was quite a bit of correcting to do.

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