Thursday, July 9

A Day out in London

This week my sister has been down from Scotland. She has been staying with her Brother-in-Law in South London and I arranged to meet up with her in London on Monday. I am not very good at carrying around my professional camera with me because it is too heavy, but I decided I want to take it. I used a Canon 5D, no battery grip and a 50m 1.8 lens. This means the camera was much lighter than normal. Some of the photos below were taken in Starbucks at Victoria and the others were taken in my Uncle's flat in central London. I was quite pleased with the results and would certainly consider using this combination again. And in case you are wondering why I took a photo of sweets, we were brought up in South Africa and my sister has a passion for some of the sweets we used to get there. She always visits the Bok shop in Covent Garden and she was showing me her purchases - not for sharing I might add!!

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