Sunday, July 5

Evening Sun Photo Shoot

For a while now I have been wanting to do a photo shoot in the evening sun. This was something that could only be done at very short notice because, being England, that weather can change very quickly. We have used a model cally Becky before and she said she would like to take part in the photo shoot - that was all the encouragement we needed. Fortunately Becky's house has some great fields nearby so we even had a location. We were lucky that the South East had more than two days of sun predicted and we arranged a date. What Becky hadn't told me was that to get to the field with the sun I had to climb over a fence with barbed wire. It took a while and props were required but I finally made it. The photo shoot was great fun and we had about 45 minutes before the sun started to disappear. Must remember to schedule more time for climbing over fences next time! These are some of my favourite images from the photo shoot. I'd love to receive any feedback or comments.

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