Tuesday, September 15

Jason & Mindi Wedding in Brighton

We have had three weddings in a row since 30th August and this is the first of the three. Jason & Mindi were married in Balham in South London and the reception was in Brighton. It was a fairly early start to the day for both of us as we had to get from East Grinstead to South London to capture some of the moments, before the wedding, of both the bride and groom. Then it was on to the church in Balham. They were surrounded by many family and friends, many of whom had travelled some distance to be there and it was a really beautiful church service.

Afterwards, it was off to Brighton for the reception. On the way there we stopped off at Preston Park to take some photographs of Jason & Mindi. They are a really great couple and Jason has more enthusiasm than a young puppy dog! We managed to get some great images at the park but time was pressing so we had to get to the reception so that they could welcome their guests. The reception was a lot of fun for us and all the guests looked like they were enjoying themselves. We managed to set up a little "studio" area and the image of Mindi below on the sofa was taken there. We have lots more to show Jason & Mindi of their family and friends. What a great couple... and what a great wedding!

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